Phil Kimber

Phil has practised law with Butler, McIntyre & Butler since 1979 and was appointed a partner in 1985.

Phil currently practices in the areas of property, commercial, mortgage and security preparation and enforcement, liquor licensing, insolvency, leases, and legal education and he represents a range of companies in courts and tribunals.

With a family background in business, he studied economics and accounting as part of his Bachelor of Laws degree awarded by the University of Tasmania.

Phil works closely with his clients providing specialist advice whilst also seeking to develop their skills so they may achieve independent control over their own affairs. He also assists them in achieving better and more efficient running of  their own business and family affairs.

Phil serves a diverse clientele including family groups seeking to preserve/enhance assets, financial institutions and insolvency specialists (such as Paul Cook & Associates). He also provides advice to individuals and family companies/trust and small-medium businesses within Tasmania .

As immediate past Chairman of the Liquor Licensing Board (having held that position for 18 years), Phil obtained extra-legal stimulus, and an opportunity to be involved in government decision making and liaison with the Executive Government, Ministers, Parliamentarians, and members of the public in that important area. Consequently Phil is well placed to advise on business activities in the hospitality and entertainment sector of the economy.

Lecturing in the post-graduate course conducted by the University of Tasmania in commercial and company law at the Centre for Legal Studies in Hunter Street, Phil has the opportunity to assist his chosen profession, at the same time gaining insight into the needs of present and future colleagues, also gaining continual refresher in applicable law and practice.

He is also Chairman of the Tasmanian Rugby Union Judiciary, and had an ‘unexceptional’ career as an amateur rugby player, although playing occasional match for Tasmania (some time ago).

In his days away from the office, Phil indulges in his passions which include the Tasmanian bush, motorcycle riding,  English and Australian literature, boating, and fine music. Phil sings basso in the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra Chorus.

Telephone: 03 6222 9441
Facsimile: 03 6223 5070
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